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Welcome to America's Travel Network!
     It's hard to believe we began our travel site over 5 years ago. The internet sure has changed since then. We started from the onset bringing you links to web sites of the destinations we represented. We did this at no charge to the businesses so as to ensure that you found the best sites for hotels, attactions, restaurants, and more for these great places to visit.

    Today, we continue this practice to make sure we do our part to "Build a Better Internet". Sure, we too want to make a buck - but we'll take the chance that you will come back to our web site. If you find a better price on a hotel elsewhere, then so be it. We want you to be best served, whether it is by us or another web site.

    The hotels we offer are compiled from several hotel consolidators. By combining the inventory and selection of these 4 companies we can at America's Travel Network offer you the largest selection of hotels and resorts online. Also, each of these companies have relations with different hotel chains and independent properties so the result is the best compilation of Discount Hotels .

    Presently, we work with the following suppliers:,, TravelNow, and HotelQuest. We're very excited that we'll be offering a fifth and very special supplier beginning in June. is excellent for discount rates, but please note that often a specific hotel may be unavailable through them but will be available at competitive rates at or TravelNow. They presently offer about 7000 discount hotels. offers over 5000 discount hotels, with a total of 45,000 hotel properties worldwide. It is now owned by the Cendant Corporation, which also owns 8 different hotel chains, all of which you can now expect addtional hotels offering special rates thru America's Travel Network. TravelNow has over 7000 discounted properties, with a total of 45,000+ hotels and motels worldwide. HotelQuest is not as well known but we have found it to often have better rates at the same properties, yet their selection is not as great as the other suppliers. Our fifth hotel supplier we have chosen will begin offered beginning in June. We especially think you will appreciate the unique independent hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts they offer. They will be available beginning June 10th.

    We do hope you will remember to visit their web sites at America's Travel Network rather then going to their individual sites , so as to ensure we receive credit for any bookings you may make. This would be greatly appreciated by Laura and myself

    It's always better to shop at America's Travel Network because it's there you can truly compare who has the best selection and the best rates.


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